Breed Specific Health Care

Dr Ayala with Pomeranians

Did you know that different dog breeds have vastly different nutritional
needs, training styles, behavior issues, and health risks? Pet Medical
Center offers testing and preventative recommendations based on breed and
age specific needs and predispositions. Don’t know what breed your pet is? We
have recommendations for mixed breed dogs and cats based on size and age as well.

Genesis Breed-Specific Health Care Program®

Trupanion Pet Health and Breed guide

*The Trupanion pet health guide provides information for the most common
dog and cat health concerns. Learn about which pet health problem is
specific to your dog or cat breed.*

Here are information sheets about many common breeds. They include behavior and health information as well as recommendations on preventative and screening testing for each breed depending on age. Unfortunately, we don’t have every breed! However, there is general information based on size in our mixed breed categories.